Discounted Telephone call to Israel and the World

Call Israel - from anywhere in the U.S. for 11.5¢  (only 8.5¢ from NYC!) per minute  -  all day! Great rates for the rest of the world:  England 10¢ (5¢ from NYC), Germany  10¢ (5¢), Canada 10¢ (5¢), within the U.S. 10¢ (5¢) and more…  Just dial 1-800-496-4830 and enter your personal identification code.  You can call from any phone, at any time, from anywhere in the U.S. It’s that simple! There are no additional charges for taxes, connection fees, or monthly charges! 

Travel Insurance

Israel Passports and Visas Requirements

Israel Yellow Pages

The Official Israeli Yellow and White Pages


CNN Weather in the Middle-East & worldwide

The Telephone Directory for Israel

Bezeq - Israel's Telecommunication Company Ltd.

Travlang's Currency Exchange Rates

The currency converter that gives you much more than a number!

Kol Israel Radio Channel

Kol Israel online news and radio channel

Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center

The Babylonian ( Iraqi ) Jewry Heritage Center is both a research center and museum. It publishes research and newsletters and holds conferences.


Beth Hatefutsoth is a cultural and educational institution providing multiple avenues of personal historical identification.

Eretz Israel Museum

The Eretz Israel Museum, located in north Tel Aviv, is a multidisciplinary museum which exhibits opulent collections in the fields of Archaeology, Judaica, Ethnography, Material Culture and the Applied Arts of the Land of Israel.

Ghetto Fighters House

Museum of the Holocaust and Resistance - Kibbutz Beit Lochamei Hagetaot in the Western Galilee.

Israel National Museum of Science - Haifa

The National Museum of Science, Planning and Technology - DANIEL and MATILDE RECANATI CENTER Haifa

The Jerusalen Israel museum

The Israel Museum Website. Ancient and contemporary art from Jerusalem.

Scrolls From the Dead Sea

The Ancient Library of Qumran. This exhibition presents twelve Dead Sea Scroll fragments and archaeological artifacts.

The Tower of David

The Tower of David Museum traces Jerusalem long and eventful history through state-of-the-art displays and exhibits' utilizing the most advanced technologies.

Yad Vashem

The Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance Authority - The Jerusalem memorial to the Six Million who perished in the Holocaust.